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Using Saw Palmetto for Weight Gain

Although saw palmetto is largely known for its effective treatment of BPH, or benign prostatic hyperplasia, some research studies are showing its effectiveness of treating other health issues, as well. Many diseases that revolve around the prostate have those believing in saw palmetto claiming effectiveness. Saw palmetto for weight gain is also being entertained.


In the beginning of saw palmetto history, saw palmetto not only showed its effectives towards the general health of human beings, but by animals, as well. Studies were conducted and shown to link saw palmetto for weight gain in livestock. The animals who were able to take in saw palmetto for weight gain not only grew fatter than those who were deprived of it, the animals who consumed saw palmetto were overall healthier than those who did not consume it.

The concept of saw palmetto for weight gain grew from here. Those who were consuming saw palmetto to treat other health ailments then understood their sudden weight gain. Other people began using saw palmetto for weight gain, and no other reason. These groups of people include:

* weight lifters
* muscle builders
* women intending to increase their breast size

Weight lifters, as well as muscle builders, use saw palmetto for weight gain so that they may build mass, and muscle. Since saw palmetto is also been said to be effective in reinforcing overall good health, it is extremely popular among these two groups of people. Not only do they use saw palmetto for weight gain, but for endurance, as well.

In addition to weight lifters and muscle builders, saw palmetto is also being used by many women, to assist in naturally increasing the size of their breasts. Many women swear to its effectiveness in natural breast enlargement. However, a lot of women become concerned with gaining weight in other areas of their bodies, in addition to in their breast area, since palmetto for weight gain is said to be effective.

Saw palmetto is often recommended to patients who are recovering from a major illness, or for those who have recently recovered. Most generally, patients who are recovering from major illness have lost weight, and are below their normal body weight. In these cases, saw palmetto can be considered to help restore the weight the patient has lost. Patients claim that not only do they gain their weight back quickly with the use of saw palmetto, but they claim there immune systems are stronger, as well as their overall general health in a better state.

Saw palmetto is definitely an herb that is associated with many factors regarding health issues. Aiding in weight gain is only one of them. Before taking saw palmetto for any reason, you should first consult with your physician. Your physician will be in the best position to advise you.


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