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Satellite Internet Radio – Where Outer Space Meets Cyberspace

Satellite radio programs have captured the preference of the many avid radio listeners. In the world of satellite radio programs, the noted rivals that compete for a larger market share in the industry are XM Satellite Radio and SIRIUS Satellite Radio.


The enticing features of satellite radio programs include the commercial-free programmability, and the wide-range of genre options. This satellite radio would satisfy the listeners because the device’s hundred plus channels would surely cater to individual preferences.

Many people are beginning to discover the authentic value of satellite radio. The free programming of conventional AM/FM stations of XM Satellite Radio has the potential to win out over the Sirius Satellite Radio.

Audio feeds can be accessed and directly received by a satellite radio subscriber through the Internet. Initially, SIRIUS satellite radio ( and XM Satellite Radio ( free satellite internet radio services to their existing satellite radio subscribers.

For a separate username and password together with the high-bandwidth streaming, SIRIUS Satellite Radio now offers an additional Internet-only subscription to your account. One may opt to add a CD-quality audio to the existing free subscription. Good news! At no additional cost, the eligibly qualified XM Radio Satellite Radio’s subscribers will receive the privilege of free online service.

Through one’s computer either at home or in the office, one can contentedly listen through a satellite internet radio. Free offer of the internet radio, its lower fee or inclusion in a basic satellite radio subscription plan could be a plus factor for anyone. Who would not prefer a satellite internet radio to the existing radio experience? Through Internet access, the manipulation of programmable radio’s channels is effortless.

Your location and media won't impede your access to Satellite Radio Programs. Wherever you are, in your car, or at home, in your friend’s house or anywhere else; the satellite radio programs are accessible. Through your receiver unit and/or personal computer with the satellite Internet radio service; you can be connected to your most wanted list of music or preferred radio programs.

Visit your service provider’s Web site and register for your own account. Presto! You will soon be listening to the satellite internet radio service.

The pleasure of radio listening has been escalated to higher levels. The radio technological advancement has not just stopped at Satellite radio. Rather, Satellite Internet radio services had even emerged and influenced the listeners’ interests. One’s listening delight has even been spiced up by commercially free music. Your favorite songs and programs are readily available through online access.


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