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Reasoning with Your Child

Parents often struggle with understanding the reasons behind things that their children do. Parents must come to the realization that children are socially challenged and have yet to learn many things. As children grow, it is important that you reason with your children. They must learn to think their actions through; they are not born with this skill. This skill has to be developed. It may take a child a long time to learn to take lessons from their past mistakes. This is why it is so important to reason with your child. In this article, we will look at ways that you, as a parent, can reason with your child.


One way to reason with your child is to allow them to be curious about things. I know we have all experienced the why stage. This stage can be overwhelming for a parent, but it is a crucial part of development. Parents should allow their children to ask why as many times as it takes the child to understand. Children must understand the reasons for things and why things are as they are if they are ever going to learn. This is an important part of knowing what is acceptable, and what is not acceptable.

When you reason with your child, it is important to do so on their level. This will ensure that they completely understand what you are saying and they comprehend it appropriately. Children must understand reasons to apply them to their behavior. If they do not understand the reasons why they must do this or that, they will not apply the lessons to their life.

When you are reasoning with your children, you should be very brief and to the point. Children lack the attention span that adults have, so, sitting through a long lecture and comprehending it is virtually impossible for them. Just give a simple and concise explanation, and be done with it. It may take a few explanations, but they will grasp the concept easier in the end.

When you are offering reasons to your children, do not be unrealistic. Children have a big imagination, but they can usually figure out fact from fiction. Be exceptionally careful in your reasoning and they will learn. Ensure that you are precise in your reasoning as well. Do not vary on your reasoning, because eventually they will grow old enough to know that your reasoning is inaccurate and this may affect their overall ability to learn.

Last, but not least, when reasoning with your children, you should ensure that you provide reasons that apply to them and their world. This is extremely important. While they may be loving children, most children are unable to see past themselves. This is normal, and should be contended with. If you center the reasoning with your children around them and what they know, they will be more likely to apply the lessons to their life and learn more easily.


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