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Stay at Home Parent

Being a stay at home parent is quite possibly the most difficult job that any parent will ever have. It is much easier to go to work for a set number of hours, and do a set job, than it is to stay at home, work twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and doing numerous jobs. However, it is much more rewarding to be a stay at home parent. In this article, we will expound on how you can make stay at home parenting work for you, and have fun at it!


When you decide to be a stay at home parent, it is important that you do everything possible to understand the road ahead of you. It is important that you research parenting, children, and everything in between. This will refresh your memory and help you walk into the position of stay at home parenting with more ease. Do not be afraid to talk to other parents, or to use the advice of others to apply to your parenting. Being a stay at home parent after leaving the workforce is truly a challenge and you should prepare for that challenge.

You may want to establish a new routine when you become a stay at home parent. You may want to research doctors, playmates, and other people that will interact with you and your child on a consistent basis. You will want to find people that are energetic, enjoy children, and have a great personality. You will want to ensure that the people that interact with your children get along with your children. It is important that your children are comfortable with the people they come in contact with.

Another important thing to consider when you are a stay at home parent is the fact that you must take time for yourself. It is a demanding position to be a stay at home parent, and you must take every effort to take time for yourself. There are many things that you can do to obtain relief. These things may include getting together with other parents for play dates, visit friends and family; have a backup babysitter, and having your spouse watch the kids while you rest.

As a stay at home parent, you may find yourself becoming bogged down with obligations. You do not need to say “yes” to everyone. You, your children, and your family are the most important people and things in your world. These things should take priority over everyone and everything else. Learn to say “no”. You do not have to have an excuse; saying “no” to things is enough. If you find that, you are tired, reach out and ask for help. You will be amazed at the amount of people who will be willing to help you out when you are in need of it.

Being a stay at home parent is a demanding position, but it can also be an entertaining position. You can face the challenge and rise above it, but it is not necessary to do it alone. Enjoy your newfound job as a stay at home parent, and remember you!


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