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Parenting Advice: Concerns of Suicide

As a parent, it is very important that you understand that suicide is one of the leading causes of death in teenagers. Concerns of suicide cross the mind of many parents, while other parents never even consider it. Usually, when suicide takes the life of a teenager, you will often hear parents that state that it was a surprise, and that they had no idea that their child was even considering it. Concerns of suicide should be on every parents mind. This fatal act can turn families upside, and tear them apart. In this article, we will take about the overall concerns of suicide and what parents can do to ensure that they prevent this from happening to their children.


It is nearly impossible for a parent to know their child’s every thought, but it is possible to take clues from their child’s behavior. There are many signs that a teenager may display if they are considering suicide. Please note the following:

*If a teenager has tried to commit suicide before, or has come open with their thoughts, this is a major warning sign. Just because things seem fine does not mean that things are fine. Pay special attention to teenagers that have considered suicide previously. *Teenagers who give away verbal clues, like wishing they were dead aloud, should be looked after carefully. Often, this is very literal and they may try to act on their thoughts. *If the teenager starts to experience issues that they normally do not experience, this is a cause for concern. Good students with high grades may start to experience lower grades. Teenagers, who normally have a lot of energy, may start to display lethargy. Extroverted teenagers may suddenly become withdrawn. *If a teenager once enjoyed an activity, but is currently apathetic towards that activity, parents should be concerned. *If a teenager has been severely depressed, and then suddenly acts happy – virtually overnight – this is a cause for concern. Many families have found this to happen, only to wake up to a dead child. It is said that many people who seriously consider suicide often suddenly become happy when they have reached a plan regarding the suicide. The plans often give them something to look forward to. *If a teenager starts to experiment with drugs and alcohol, this should be a warning sign of possible suicide consideration. *If the physical appearance of a teenager has changed, this could be a sign that they are considering suicide and/or experimenting with drugs, alcohol, and/or occult sects. *If a teenager becomes involved with a group of people, and starts to withdraw from family and/or friends to be around these groups of people, suicide or occult dangers should be a concern. *The teenager may start to give away personal items. This may mean that they have a suicide plan in place and are giving away things to people that they want them to have.

Concerns of suicide are very important when you are a parent. You should never let your guard down. Make sure that you know your child, and you stay close to your child. The more you are in the “know”, the less you have to be concerned over suicide.


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