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How NASCAR Crashes Are Becoming Less Severe

With fast cars in a NASCAR race it is likely that a crash can occur. Many different things contribute to NASCAR crashes, including track conditions in times of difficult weather, overly aggressive driving and general driver carelessness. But with recent advances in technology NASCAR crashes are becoming less severe will cause drivers to be less likely to be hurt.


The frame of a car in the league is important for reducing the severity of NASCAR crashes. The frame is divided in three parts, which are the front clip, middle and rear clip. The two clips are made of thin steel tubes and can crush after impact so that the force of NASCAR crashes can be absorbed. The middle section of the car is sturdier and more likely to sustain a crash.

The seat helps with NASCAR crashes to make them safer too. The seat works to keep the driver in place during a crash. The seat can also bend to absorb a crash impact. More recent models of seats have wraps that cover the rib cage and shoulders to help keep the driver still during the crash.

Seat belts are especially important for protection of the driver in NASCAR crashes. The seat belt is in a five point harness, and it is made of a strong padded nylon type of webbing. The head-and-neck restrain in seat belts also helps in NASCAR crashes, as it works to prevent head and neck injuries from occurring.

Window nets are parts of cars that help to protect drivers from debris that flies around in NASCAR crashes. It also keeps parts of the driverís body from hanging out in a crash.

Roof flaps on cars in NASCAR have been popular in recent years. The flaps may sure that during NASCAR crashes cars donít fly in the air and leave the ground. There are two roof flaps on a car, and when they let go in a crash it reduces the lift in a crash. The car will stay on the ground as a result.

Windshields are used in cars to absorb impact. Windshields are made of Lexans, or polycarbonate materials. The glass will not break as a result. The glass can be scratched easily though, so an adhesive film will need to be placed over it before a race.

The last part of making NASCAR crashes safer is by having a well absorbed fuel tank. A fuel tank in a car will feature a steel layer on the outside and a plastic layer on the inside. The inner part is filled with foam so that absorption can occur in a crash. The tank is also firmly held in place by a set of braces, and a check valve will stop fuel supply from going to the car in the case the engine gets separated.

While NASCAR crashes canít be prevented, there are new technologies today that can make them less severe.

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