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Ensuring Privacy on MySpace

With the increasing popularity of MySpace more criminals are looking to the online networking site to get to possible victims of identity theft. Privacy on MySpace does not have to be compromised though. Here are some tips for you to consider to help improve your privacy on MySpace and your personal security on the site.


First, to have maximum levels of security and privacy on MySpace you will need to read through the Terms of Service that are offered from the site carefully when signing up to use it. There are certain activities and pieces of content that are not allowed on MySpace, and it is important to keep it so that there will not be any problems involving behavior and privacy. Violations of these terms will result in punishments of MySpace users that break the terms. Legal actions can even take place in some instances, so it is important to check the terms.

The MySpace privacy policy is a plan that is used with the intention of ensuring privacy on MySpace for all of its users. It is important to read the policy before signing up to be a member of the site.

Protecting your privacy on MySpace is important. Like in the real world, you should not give out all of your personal information to other people who donít know you on your MySpace page. This includes your Social Security Number and your home address, among other things.

Donít forget that while your profile may be read by friends and other MySpace users there are always lurkers who may be interested in reading your page but are not members of the site. While many of them are friendly and innocent, some may be suspicious, so be sure not to be overly personal with your account.

The last part of ensuring privacy on MySpace involves making your profile private. While most MySpace pages are public for viewing, you can make your page private to only your friends. Also, you can remove and add friends to your MySpace page at your own discretion. You can block your site to certain users of the site as well. These are all valuable parts of improving your privacy on MySpace because you can keep your information visible only to friends that you can trust. Of course, you should still remember to use the right judgment as to what information should be made public and what should not be public for others to see.

These are all important tips to use for making privacy on MySpace easier to obtain. While there are many different factors to look for, be sure to use common judgment to make sure that you do not give out more information than you need to, and remember to check the Terms of Service so that you know what you can do.


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