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London’s Famous Department Store: Harrods

Much of London is comprised of beautiful museums, the palace, breath taking architecture, spectacular gardens, night clubs, pubs, and restaurants. However, you cannot mention London, without referring to the department store, Harrods.


It originated in the 1800’s by a wholesale grocer by the name of Charles Harrod. It grew tremendously to the point that 100 employees were hired.

A devastating fire occurred in the 1800’s but, the department store stood strong despite this devastating event. Most people could not believe that Harrods was able to come back after this horrible event and make all of their Christmas deliveries with no setbacks. They were able to supply Albert Hitchcock with fresh fish upon request and make and complete other promises as requested without exception.

The store itself is a beautiful statement of architecture including the terra cotta design and art nouveau windows and décor. The baroque dome encapsulates the store and is certainly beautiful in and of itself.

The famed family purchased the store in the 1980’s and has owned it ever since. The purchase price was well over a $1 billion dollars. They spent another several million to renovate and expand the operations.

Did you know that James Bond-Pierce Brosnan once worked in the pharmacy department at the store? Other notable Hollywood stars and starlets worked there also. The store is a shopping event. On any given day, you may find opera singers, choirs and other musicians and artists performing.

You may want to relax and have a beauty treatment in the salon or spa area. The cosmetic and perfume counter is sure to draw your attention and you may not want to leave.

What? You came to shop! Ok, well be prepared to visit seven floors. Yes, seven floors! Make sure you have tennis shoes on so that you are able to get your exercise in while you shop. Harrods housed the first escalator of all time. Unbelievable as it may seem, people had trouble climbing the stairs to seven floors, so they had to do something to accommodate their wishes! You may be asked to change one of the 10,000 light bulbs! Not really, but it would be quite a workout if you had to do it, wouldn’t it be?

Have you considered over 200 varieties of cheese or a unique tea or coffee. You will certainly find it here. If you are looking for an extravagant gift, you will find it here such as a $10,000 gold bunny or a specialty item made out of wax.

You cannot miss the crystal chandeliers that look like they belong in the Queens palace. The jewelry is exquisite, one of a kind and expensive! But, you came for the ultimate shopping experience, and you will most certainly find it to be true.

You can ask anyone in London for directions to get there. Or, you can make the tube, the subway system to the Station at Knightsbridge. Don’t miss it or you will miss the shopping experience of a lifetime!


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