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Laser Aided Liposuction

The use of lasers in liposuction is becoming more popular. Lasers have been used in medical procedures for years. The use of them improves the safety of most surgical procedures.

A laser is actually light that is transmitted and tuned to a specific frequency. Lasers can be very intense with strong heat or have a cool vapor.

With liposuction, a cool vapor is used and is placed over the area that is intended to have liposuction for approximately 12-15 minutes. The laser than breaks down the fat be weakening the cells making the procedure faster and less harmful. Liposuction is then done to remove the excess fat.

Laser surgery is recommended over the traditional scalpel, it is more effective and safer for patients. It is recommended over other traditional treatments because the process breaks down the fat making it easier to extract. There is generally less swelling and less chance of injury to tissues.

Most patients are far better off with laser surgery and have noticed dramatically less swelling and bruising and minor discomfort. Some patients even refused pain medication, stating that they did not need it.

This state of the art procedure uses lasers that are regulated to a precise frequency. Surgeons can then key in on or target a specific area closely breaking through skin. The procedure is far less invasive than traditional surgeries and most generally, patients recover quickly.

Another tremendous benefit of this procedure is the effects that it has on skin tightening. With traditional techniques, the skin tends to sag and lose elasticity, this can be avoided with laser surgery.

However, keep in mind that this procedure has not been tested and there are no long term results to review because it is a new process. There do not appear to be any negative ramifications of the surgery at this point in time.

Another point to keep in mind is that this procedure is costly. It is more expensive than traditional methods because of the equipment used and the physicians need for expertise in this area.

If you are considering surgery meet with plastic surgeon for planning. The surgeon will evaluate your skin for deposits and cellulite. There are a variety of procedures, but laser surgery is most commonly used. You should explain to the surgeon, what your expectations are so you are not disappointed with the results. Think realistically. In some cases, several procedures are necessary.

Make sure your surgeon is aware of your medical history and what medications you take. He will need to assure that you are fit for surgery. Keep in mind that any surgical procedure has risks involved. Make sure you have enough information to make an educated decision.

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