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Parts Needed to Build Your Own Solar Powered Generator

Many people decide that they should have a backup power plan for one reason or another. There are many different kinds of generators that a person can choose from. However, one of the more popular choices when it comes to generators is a solar powered generator. When purchasing a solar powered generator, you will find that these can be rather expensive. Many people choose to build their own. If you want to build your own solar powered generator to save money, this can be very easy. You must simply know the required parts in order to do so. Here, you will find the parts that are necessary to build your own solar powered generator.


1) There are a few things that you are going to need in order to build your own solar powered generator. These things include a solar panel, a 12 volt battery, a cable or an assortment of cables, a container to hold the battery, a meter that will read a 12 volt gauge, a DC input device, an inverter, and a drill. You may need additional items depending on how you want to customize your solar powered generator. 2) When building your own solar powered generator, it is important to be very selective in the solar panel that you purchase. You should ensure that you purchase one that is of high quality and can withstand weather and other conditions. 3) When purchasing a battery, it is important to ensure that you purchase a good battery that is maintenance free. You should also ensure that you purchase a battery that comes with a warranty for at least two to three years in case something happens and it needs to be replaced. 4) Many people choose to purchase a container to place a battery in when building a solar powered generator. You can choose to purchase a standard wooden box, or create a box of your own. It is entirely up to you. However, you should not purchase a metal container to place the battery in as this may cause unfavorable results. 5) It is important to understand that when you build your own solar powered generator, you can start with a small unit for practice. This will also help you get an idea of how much your small unit can withstand. As time progresses, you can build on to your solar powered generator. It will just mean buying larger parts to build your larger solar powered generator. 6) If you get to the point in which you are to expand the solar powered generator that you have, it is important to consider purchasing a voltage regulator in order to achieve some control over the electrical current that your larger solar powered generator will produce. 7) When buying the parts to build your solar powered generator, it is very important to ensure that you understand how to work with each of these parts. If you do not, it is best to hire an electrician or other professional to assist you.


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