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What Do Domain Name Extensions Mean?

Domain name extension refers to the ending of a top level domain. Some of the most common ones are .com, .net, and .org. There are only a limited number of extensions and are predefined. You will have to select one for yourself from these three extensions.


The domain name extension signifies something that is why it is named so. Taking the example of .com, this extension is used for commercial sites despite of their country of origin. .net is also used for the same purpose but the original intention was the use of the network sites such as ISPs. Taking another extension, .edu is used for schools and other education related sites. Meanwhile for those sites that belong to the government of a country, they will use .gov as their extension. On the other hand, .org is used by organizations and it is not for profit companies.

Dot com domain names are a little expensive than other domains like Dot info domain names that costs less. .com, .net, and .org are the most commonly used domain names and are widely accepted throughout the world. Anyone can have an access to them in any country to register a domain with one of these extensions. The dot com domain name is preferred by almost all the internet users. As the users are increasing, the numbers of domain names are increasing too. There fore many other extensions are now available in order to full fill these needs.

A two character country code is used if a domain name belongs to a particular country. This is done by entering the two digits code for that country at the end of the name. For example, .jp belongs to Japan, .fr belongs to France, is for the United Kingdom. To provide an added level of stability, these domain name extensions are controlled by the governments.

Some alternative domain name extensions have recently been approved by ICANN. They can be used by anyone and include .biz, .pro, .aero, .coop, .name, and .museum. Two of them namely .biz and .info became very popular among people. Some other domain name extensions including .travel, .mail, .xxx, .jobs, and .cat are under consideration.

You will have a choice of domain name extensions at the time of registering it. You could select any of these extensions that you wish depending on its availability. Some extensions are of restrictive use and hence you cannot use them. .edu and .gov are two of them.

Dot com has proved to be the most popular of all the extensions and most people wish to obtain it for their domain name, however, as most of them are trying to purchase it, it became difficult for some users to get a good domain name with this extension.

ICANN releases draft report on new domain names

The ICANN has released a draft report about their plans to open up new generic top level domain names (such as or, at a cost of US$185,000 per domain name.


New Real Estate on Internet as Website Naming Rules Change

Rather than typing .com or .net at the end of a web address, internet users searching for cheap flights or holiday accommodation might find they are visiting sites that end with .flight or .hotel.


What the Fark! Forget NSFW, in India INTERNET and WEB are Trademarked

Can you believe it? They have trademarked Web and Internet in India.


Available Domain Names - How Much Are They Worth?

If you want to build a solid domain portfolio and make a living buying and selling domain names you need to know what premium Available Domain Names are ready to be purchased on a daily basis.


House to Vote on Bill to Ban Web Site Names That Resemble Those of U.S. Agencies is one of the websites that plays off the name of a U.S. agency (in this case the Internal Revenue Service) in order to increase its profits.


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