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Wonít You Take Me on a Winter Cruise

Most people donít even think about taking a vacation; let alone a cruise, in the middle of winter, but why not? Unless you just like being cold and having to shovel snow, why not pack up and get away for a while on a luxury cruise? You donít have to wait for warmer weather to take your vacation, take it now, go on a cruise, have some fun, get warm, and come back ready to tackle the cold again, head on!

It can be hard to even think about the fact that there are warm places on the globe, especially when you live up north and constantly have to deal with unbearably cold temperatures and buckets of snow, but hey, guess what; there are warmer places out there! As a matter of fact, you could be on a cruise vacation to one of them right now, so what are you waiting for?

There are many great cruises that run in the winter months, to help those very cold people warm up for a while. You could take a cruise on the Nile River; go to the Virgin Islands, Thailand, Malaysia, and even Ecuador. You can have a lot of fun, get warm, and learn a lot while you are at it. And best of all, you donít have to wait until warm weather arrives to go!

If you are interested in the Nile cruise, then you will get to enjoy visiting a famous Egyptian city, Luxor, as well as the Aswan Dam. You will likely get a six night cruise, depending on which cruise you choose.

For those who are looking to get away from the cold, they often seek out the more exotic, tropical places, such as the Virgin Islands. This cruise can be quite expensive, but often comes with many great inclusives, such as snorkeling and scuba diving to examine the famous reefs in the area.

If you would rather experience a unique type of cruise, then you might like to take a cruise to the Orient, maybe visiting either Thailand or Malaysia. There are cruises that travel to both destinations, lasting usually seven nights, available all throughout the winter months.

If you can afford to take a luxurious type cruise, you might want to sail on the Star Flyer, which has plenty of room to accommodate the 170 passengers it is allowed to carry. It boasts large, roomy decks, two full-sized pools, and a truly amazing library collection as well.

If you think you might be up for an even longer journey, you might want to take an Ecuadorian cruise, which lasts on average of three weeks. This is rather exclusive cruise, only taking sixteen passengers at once, creating a more distinct feel.

In some cases, the winter cruises are much more affordable than the traditional summer cruises, and often not nearly as packed with passengers, which can be a much added bonus!

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