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Cashmere Blankets for Your Bundle of Joy

If you find so much comfort wearing your cashmere sweater, then it should be easy to imagine the comfort that cashmere blankets can give to your baby. Babies are not able to retain body heat in the first few months, and it is easy for them to feel cold. Swaddling the baby in a cashmere blanket will help prevent that from happening.


In making your selection for a cashmere blanket, the most important criteria for selection should be the thickness of the blanket, for the insulation it can give. Take the blanket in your hands, press it between your palms, or squeeze lightly. You will feel its lush thickness and smoothness. Thatís what you will want for your baby, so it can provide warmth without irritating the sensitive skin.

You will also want to select for durability. Cashmere blankets are supposed to last a long time. A blanket that frays easily would be suspect. The best indicator for strength of the fabric is the tightness of its weave. The tighter the weave, the better will be its ability to keep its shape and hold itself together. Note that as cashmere fabric is washed, it becomes softer after each washing and this may cause the yarns in the weave to bloom and loosen.

Cost may be a consideration. You know the prices for cashmere sweaters, and you will have an idea of cashmere blanket price tags. There are cheaper versions you can get. These are made of pure cashmere but have a mixture of lower grade, coarser outer guard hair from goats, or of wool from some other animals. They are not that bad in quality, but, well, there are few things more heavenly than the soft underdown in pure cashmere fabric.

If there are no cashmere blankets for your baby available at local stores, there are several online sites that you can visit.

The Pashmina Store
Pashmina is the Nepali name for cashmere fiber. This site specializes in cashmere from the steppes and mountain plateaus of Nepal. Their baby blankets come in standard sizes of 3 feet by 4 feet.

Red Envelope
This site offers cashmere blankets which you can personalize by having your babyís name and date embroidered.

The site also offers personalized cashmere blankets. Their top seller goes for only $39.95 plus an additional $12 for embroidery.

Jenklair Kids
This site offers two-ply cashmere blankets for babies, with beautiful add-ons. The products are a bit more pricey than other dealers.

When you get the cashmere blanket, you will want it to give your baby years of luxurious comfort. It can make a nice memento, along with the baby photographs. Hand-washing is the gentlest way to clean the blanket. You can use mild soap or shampoo and warm water. Remember that wet cashmere fabric is prone to stretching out of shape, so do not ever wring or twist it. These will add years to the life of the cashmere blanket.


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