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Bowling Lessons for Intermediate Techniques

With over 50 millions of American practicing the sport of bowling, it is pretty safe to say that it is as popular as ever. Whether you are 5 years old or 85 five years old, everyone can enjoy a game of bowling whenever they want to. As you all know, the object of the game is to throw a ball in front of pins on a bowling alley and try to knock them down all at once. If someone is skilled enough or lucky enough he might have the chance to do a strike on his first throw and make what is called a strike. Sometimes a person gets unlucky and just misses a pin by what seems to be a hair. Then a gets a grip and finishes it off for the spare. Beginners get discouraged very fast because they have high expectations when they do a strike on their first frame. In most cases a strike is followed by two balls in the gutter because they donít control their emotion.

When a bowler wants to start earning higher points, he needs to learn the secrets of the trade that are a little more precise:
1. Just like the beginners lesson they need to know that it is essential to be relaxed when he throws the ball to allow a smoother throw. If he is going for a big score or wants to align a couple of strikes in a row, it helps to breathe and clear the mind.
2. A player must learn to throw the ball at the right time. It is not a very good idea to release a ball before the foul line as the trajectory of the ball might not be the desired path. A good thing to teach is the way the ball is held. Just like anything, if you hold something too tight it wonít work.
3. When a bowler realizes that he rarely gets a strike but most of the things he gets are annoying spares, the best thing is to move around a little. For example if your ball is always a little to the left, the move a little to the right to hit the king pin and get the elusive strike until now. If a player wants to improve his game, then the player has to know how to adjust to the different lanes offered to him.
4. Once a player becomes accustomed to his throwing ways, he needs to figure out when to throw the ball. If you throw it too early or if you throw you ball too late, your ball will be off by those couple of millimeters that will determine if you make the strike. When this is perfected the scores should largely go up.
5. Patience is a virtue. It is even truer when you play the game of bowling and you want to become a very good player. Remember that you need to aim the ball at your pin. You canít throw the ball just anywhere and hope that it hits a pin. Now two techniques have to be applied. It seems harder than it is because it gets done automatically.

This is a very interesting game. The more you play it, the more you will realize how much skill is involved and how you need to be creative.

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