American Inventions – Signs of Entrepreneurship in America

One of the greatest things about the United States is that people have the freedom to do what they feel to achieve their goals. Entrepreneurship has become especially popular in the country as a result. In fact, this has become especially great for society because so many great American inventions have come around as a result of this.


One of the greatest American inventions of all time is that of the personal computer. The first computers were used by the United States Defense Department. These were used for monitoring services and for the general protection of the country from outside dangers. The computers that were used by the department had been worked upon by other Americans. People like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Steve Wozniac, among others, have worked in America to help to simplify the computer and make it available to anyone. Since then the personal computer has become especially popular and is considered to be a necessity in society.

The Internet is another of the American inventions that came out of the Defense Department. Originally used to help link people together in the department and to make sure that all computers in America are protected, the prototype that was used for the Internet has since become especially popular and simplified so that anyone can use it. With this in mind the Internet has worked to make communication with others easier and to make the transmission of communication even easier.

Of course, other American inventions can be used to change peoples’ lives in other ways. The atomic bomb is one of the American inventions that work this way. An especially destructive weapon of war, it is considered to be what helped to end World War II despite the massive amounts of death and destruction that were sent onto Japan.

Still, there are other American inventions that have become especially important and have made society even better. The automobile is one of the best examples of this. While there had been many different kinds of prototypes that had been used around the world for motorized transportation the automobile has worked greater than the other prototypes that were used, thus making it one of the greatest of all American inventions.

The automobile became one of the American inventions through the work of auto maker Henry Ford. With his invention it helped to make many different parts of American society work together. The assembly line that Ford used helped to make the production of automobiles simple and therefore has worked to help make manufacturing in many different businesses easier. Also, without the automobile another of the greatest parts of the country would not exist – the American highway system.

These are just some of the great American inventions from history. As time goes by there will be more American inventions because the great entrepreneurship of the country is continuing to move forward.


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