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The Many Benefits of an above Ground Pool

At one time, only the richest families could afford to have a swimming pool, but nowadays, just about anyone who wants one can afford to have a pool in their very own backyard. There is no better way to cool off on a hot summerís day than by taking a nice leisurely swim. Have a pool party with all of your closest friends, or have fun with your kids, playing and exercising together. In-ground pools are nice, but in some ways, people with above ground pools really do have the advantage.


There are three main benefits of above ground pools, ease of installation, less required maintenance, and safety. If you have moderate handyman skills, you can purchase and install your own above ground pool, saving yourself quite a bit of money on installation. You donít have to worry about tearing up your yard or landscaping, you just need to pick a spot, and follow the instructions for installation. You could actually install your pool and swim in it the very same day, if you were so inclined. This is something that you can do with an in ground pool.

There are many children who drown every summer by falling into an improperly secured in ground pool, which isnít that difficult, especially if the pool doesnít have a safety fence around it. With above ground pools, you have to actually climb up a ladder to get inside, which means that they are much safer for children. You still have to practice pool safety, but you donít assume as much risk with an above ground pool.

Once you have your pool setup, you will want to make certain you have the water properly taken care of with the right approved chemicals, and that you keep trash and debris out of the pool. No one wants to go swimming with dead bugs, dirt, leaves, grass, etc. It is much harder for dirt and debris to get into an above ground pool, meaning less time you have to spend on maintenance. It is also much harder for animals to make their way into the pool as well.

When you start doing your pool shopping, you will also find that above ground pools are much cheaper than in ground pools, saving you thousands of dollars. You can get a much larger above ground pool for the same price or cheaper than you can get a fairly small in ground pool. You donít want to bankrupt your family just to purchase a swimming pool!

When you have your own pool, you donít have to worry about packing up bathing suits, towels, snacks, clothing, etc., and loading everyone up to go to the community pool, you just simply have to walk outside! Make certain you keep your pool a safe area, and that you do the required maintenance, and just have fun with your friends and family!


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