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The Skinny on the Many Types of Closet Organizers on the Market Today

Once you have come to the conclusion that your closet could benefit from some serious organization, you have to decide how you want to do it. Most people decide to purchase some sort of closet organizer, which can help you create the space you need to store your items in a neat and orderly manner, reducing the clutter, and helping you find what you need easily and quickly. There are many different types of closet organizers on the market today, or you may find that you are better served with a custom closet organizer, so that you can have what you need to meet your own individual needs and fit into your space.


Wire closet organizers are rather popular, as they are designed to be more appealing to the eye. You can get them in many different shapes and sizes and in many different colors as well. They can be bought at fairly inexpensive prices, and can easily be installed by the average homeowner, another reason that they are so popular. These closet organizers also are able to accommodate quite a bit of weight, which is great for someone who has heavier suits and coats to hang, or other heavy items that need to be stored in their closet.

If money isnít an issue, then you might want to consider going with a wooden closet organizer. Most of these are made from cedar, and are very durable. These organizers are able to hold virtually any item that you can fit into them, regardless of weight. The cedar wood also gives you an added bonus of repelling pests and insects, so you donít have to worry about mice or moths getting into your closet and wreaking havoc on your belongings stored there. The downside is that cedar does have its own unique smell, and it will get into your clothing and items stored in the closet, so if you find the smell of cedar offensive, this may not be a good choice for you.

Canvas closet organizers are probably the least expensive, and can be found in many different colors. They are simple to install, but they cannot hold heavier items, so keep that in mind.

You can also find racks that you can add into your closet to give you extra space for hanging clothing or storing shoes and purses. They can be found in various sizes, so that they easily fit into your closet space. You can also find simple shelving that can be installed as well, which can help add organization by creating a space for everything.

Cubbies or sliding drawers can also be added, which can serve as great extra storage space, and also add more organization as well. If you cannot afford this type of unit, there are many types of plastic storage containers available that work just as well.

Make certain that you have the materials and tools required to install your closet organizer with, so that you donít have to go back out or spend additional money. Make certain that they unit you purchase can perform the task you need it to do, such as holding heavy items, and that you donít buy something of poor quality just because it fits easier into your budget. Those really inexpensive items are great temporarily, but by the time you have to replace them, you could have found a more expensive unit that would have held up longer, and may even spend more money in the long run.


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