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Where Catfish Breed

The way of how catfish breed is different based on what type of catfish it is. In fact, they can do it at various different environmental locations. By knowing where catfish breed and where they can be found the process of catfishing can be made easier.


Channel catfish is a type of catfish that lives in larger rivers. These are places where catfish breed in which the currents are strong and there is deeper water around. The best time for breeding for channel catfish is during the spring and early parts of the summer. This is where temperatures will be a little over seventy degrees. The male catfish will find a spot where catfish breed and the female will lay her eggs there. They are laid at a shady place and the male will guard the eggs until they are hatched.

The blue catfish use the similar spots for breeding that channel catfish use. Clearer water is needed though for this type of catfish. The male will also watch over the female's eggs.

The white fish is different in terms of places where catfish breed. The white catfish tends in live in waters that are calm. Slower streams are especially go places to find white catfish. Sandy or gravel areas at the bottom of the water are the best places for where catfish breed.

The yellow bullhead catfish also live in calm areas. However, whereas both the male and female white catfish will look for a spot to breed and leave eggs together, only one parents in most cases will look for a spot for where catfish breed. An area near a rock or other body is commonly used to leave the eggs at.

Another type of catfish is the brown bullhead catfish. They live in similar areas that the yellow bullhead catfish live in, particularly in areas that are around eight degrees in temperature. However, the parents are more careful towards their young and are especially protective of them.

Flathead catfish are found in longer streams with murky and calm water. This type of catfish will look for places where catfish breed and handle the process around the end of the spring season when the temperature is in the seventy degree range. This type of catfish will build nests near rocks and other places at the river bed. Also, the male will clean and protect the young fish at the start, as this time of fish is protective like the brown bullhead catfish is.

It is easy to find different kinds of catfish at places where catfish breed. Whether it is for looking for catfish or for catfishing purposes it is easy to find catfish at many different waters.


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