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Important Beach Camping Tips

Many families enjoy camping. Different people choose various locations for their camping trips. Many choose to camp at local lakes and ponds. Others choose to camp in the woods. There are many that will choose a campground that has hiking, swimming, and other facilities and activities available. However, there are many families that will select the beach as the location that they choose to camp at.


People who camp at the beach normally plan their trip around water activities that they thoroughly enjoy. These activities may include searching for shells, swimming in the ocean, fishing, and surfing, activities that involve wide-open spaces like flying kites and volleyball, and many other activities. Camping at the beach can be a wonderful and exciting experience. However, before you arrive at your beach campsite, there are many preparations that you should ensure that are made.

When you and your family decide to camp on the beach, you will need to do a little research. There are many beaches across the country that does not allow people to camp on the beach. Additionally, the beaches that do allow camping may impose certain restrictions and strict guidelines regarding camping at their beach. Many beaches actually have specific campsites in which they designate as the area in which people may choose to camp at. It is extremely important that you select a beach that allows camping and that you ensure that you follow all the guidelines at that particular beach when it comes to camping.

When you select a beach that has space set aside for camping, there are many things that you will want to consider. First, you must select a space that is elevated enough that it will not be affected by the tide. Many people have set up their camp overnight at the beach only to awake to the water of the tide seeping into their tents. It is important that your campsite be set up to avoid this. You should be able to consult beach officials on the best area to set up your campsite and for any other tips and suggestions that may protect you, your family, and your camping equipment.

In many areas, you must follow certain guidelines regarding fishing at the beach. Many beaches may require that you have a fishing license. Many will specify that you must obtain a saltwater fishing license in order to fish on the beach. Usually, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if you choose to fish on the beach with a cane pole fishing rod, you are not required to obtain and/or hold a fishing license. If you are in a position where you are required to have a fishing license on the beach, and do not have one, it is against the law. If a Game Warden approaches you and you cannot show the proper license, you may have all of your camping and fishing gear confiscated, receive a fine, and you may even go to jail depending on local ordinances and state laws.


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