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Fun Camping Activities for Kids

Many of today’s youth find it nearly impossible to stay occupied when there is not television, video games, computers, and telephone around. When the family decides to take a camping trip, it may be quite difficult for children to imagine that they will enjoy themselves without the many common distractions around that they normally indulge in. This can make a camping trip quite challenging for the parents who choose to take children on a camping trip. However, there are many fun camping activities for kids that may add some light to your next camping trip.


1) When you go camping, there is sure to be a place close by that the family can enjoy swimming. People of all ages normally enjoy swimming and getting a little wet. There is numerous water games that a family will be able to enjoy while camping if there is an area in which you may enjoy swimming close by your campsite. It is very important to never leave children unattended in water – especially water outlets that are not manmade. Be sure that the area that you choose to swim in is not a dangerous section and that there are other people around. This will help ward off any dangerous animals like snakes and alligators that may be lurking in the same water that you may choose to swim in. 2) Many children are interested in various types of animals and insects. While on your camping trip, you may make a game out of searching for various types of animals and insects. This is a great game that all members of the family can enjoy. You may even wish to allow everyone to bring along a small camera in order to take pictures of the various animals and insects that they find. These pictures can serve as a great show and tell item for schoolchildren. Additionally, you may bring along an encyclopedia so that when you find certain animals and insects, you can look them up and learn interesting facts about them. 3) There are many games that a family may host while camping in the great outdoors. You may choose to have timed relay races, swimming contests, ball games, and other types of games. Remember to promote safety while playing games in the great outdoors. You may want to bring along a selection of ribbons and other prizes as rewards for the winners of such games and activities. 4) Many families will ignite the famous campfire when on a camping trip. You can roast hotdogs, marshmallows, and other things over the open fire. You can also sing various songs around the fire. Many families will practice cooking various recipes over the open fire. Still, many families enjoy the favorite of telling exciting stories around the campfire.

There are many fun activities for children while camping. If your children start to seem a little distant or bored, try to implement some of these ideas into your camping trip to see them light up with delight!


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